Industrialización de Frutas del Segre, S.A. was founded in 1983. It is located in North-East Spain, in the main fruit production area, in the border between Catalonia and Aragon; we have been transforming Spanish fruit naturally ever since. We are centrally located in the area with the most sweet fruit production; 50% of the peaches, pears and apples in Spain and 20% in the European Union.

We are an industry that with hardly any handling and a lot machinery, we are able to obtain minimally transformed fruit in the form of puree, which is both kept alive and stable. It is used by the best bottling companies and it is enjoyed in a wide range of products by Europeans and other third countries’ consumers.



INFRUSESA belongs to the SAMCA business group, which is remarked for its familiar personality/character/nature, with a large experience in the agricultural and industrial corporate world.

INFRUSESA is the specialised company that manufactures fruits and vegetables purees in our group, who is highlighted for its innovative character/personality.

SAMCA group, since its foundation in 1967, has maintained private and familiar shareholders, thanks to the constant reinvestment of the funds generated. It has become a financially solid business group, with an annual turnover of circa 850 millions of Euros. It is present in the sectors of mining, renewable energies, plastic polymers, synthetics fibres, agro-food, real estate development, agrochemicals and logistics infrastructures.

The group has a leading position in every sector in which is present, always from an optic of the innovation and the research of products and markets, looking for the benefit of our customers.

Globally, SAMCA group gives direct employment to circa 3500 people in Spain, France, Italy, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru.

One of the main priorities of the corporate politics of SAMCA is supporting continually the university research as well as funding charity projects.

At INFRUSESA, we believe in the value of the familiar character, the serious work, the interest and the attention we give in all what we do and by giving big doses of flexibility and imagination to adapt to client’s demands.

Our origin, our situation and our personality, allows us to introduce ourselves as a company close to our customers, close to our suppliers and, what is more important, close to the fruit.



Our mentality is based on the fulfilment of our commitments to the:

a) Business group: By achieving the agreed-upon objectives.

b) Consumers: By pursuing process improvements to obtain better products and services at appropriate prices.

c) Clients: By completing contracts and fulfilling their needs.

d) Employees: By putting in value their capabilities and giving all means needed to do their job properly and guaranteeing their security in each process.

e) Suppliers: By respecting what was agreed upon year after year.

f) Society: By respecting and accomplishing the laws in force and by fulfilling what is required by every rule, especially those that concern about food safety and the environment, as well as, others of social and cooperative content.

Therefore, we are interested in a medium/long-term business relationship, which allows us to focus on the continuous improvement, investing resources in facilities, machinery, organization, training and research.



At INFRUSESA, we are specialized in manufacturing purees that are made directly from fruit and vegetables, which are preserved in refrigerated aseptic tanks. This obligates us to have more specific machinery, less types of manufacturing processes, more specialized personnel, more task controls, better fruit and more experience in handling it, as well as, more quality check controls.

Due to all of this, we are bound to perform well and in many cases better than others given that this specialization is not found in any other company in the sector. This is reflected by the fact that our clients put their confidence in INFRUSESA year after year.


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